Frequently asked questions

What are the Internship course requirements?

The course have to parts. The main part of the course is 120 hours of internship at the company, which will be divided into about 12 hours of internship per week. In addition to the internship hours, the student commits to 16 academic hours. Meetings aimed at advancing knowledge in the industry.

What are the course details?

* The course fits all students from all the departments (Design and engineering)
* The course gives the student 4 credits
* The internship is unpaid
* The duration of the internship is 120 hours in 1 semester (10-12 weeks)
* Students must participate in 16 academics hours
* Students must have an English exemption
Entry to the course is conditional on passing a personal interview with Step's coordinator and in the companies.

When can I apply to the Intenship course?

The course opens three times a year: October, March and August. The application will strart a few weeks befor every semester and we will share the full details on how to apply.. You can sign year for a personal reminder: קישור

In what companies the internship takes place?

In this site under "Companies" you can find the companies who work with us in the last few semesters.
An updated list will be sent closer to the next cycle

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