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Get Fresh, Enthusiastic Interns. 

Humanity has researched space for years and is evolving. Space travel brings endless opportunities, questions, and dreams.



“Nova” is a concept lab for developing the field of space among the Shenkar College community.

Shenkar encourages growth, development, and creativity as such Space is as a creative opportunity for our students, faculty members & alumni.


Shenkar's main advantage is its ability to connect students from various departments., each with its various skills and resources, enable innovative breakthroughs.



Our goal is to create a collaboration platform with external stakeholders in the local & international space ecosystem.

We identify and create bridging different departments participating in the various experiments in the "Rakia" mission, "Beresheet 2" and more.

We are interested in bridging different departments participating in the various experiments in the "Rakia" mission. 

The purpose of the internship is to introduce students to the "real world" by integrating them into various projects as part of the company's work teams and on the other hand to help the company advance processes and projects one step further.

The employer receives an intern/interns for a period of an entire semester in which the intern will perform 120 hours of practical experience in order to answer challenges / problems / ideas that the organisation has.

In addition, we see that we are able to create extra value for companies in locating manpower for future recruitment of employees and from this we learn that the cooperation between the companies and students yields quality products and contributes greatly to both parties.


Join dozens of leading companies in the economy that are already meeting the talents of the future.

One-stop shop

12 different departments - one place:

Electrical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Fashion Design

Industrial Design

Polymer Materials

Interior & Environment

Textile Design

Software Engineering

Engineering & Management

Jewelry Design

Visual Communication

Multi-Disciplinary Art



Build Employer Brand

Build your reputation as a desirable employer among the future generation of employees.


Double Screening

Shenkar as your HR company: we recruit, screen, interview, and match you with our best talent.


No commitment

Test new talent in a real work environment without having to hire. No strings attached. 



No fees. No employer relations. All the interns are insured.

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