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Join some of the most innovative companies on the market.

Shenkar college is taking a STEP forward in the world of hands-on experience. This is a unique learning platform for gaining real-worls industry experience.


The benefits of Joining an Internship Program

Embrak on an exciting journey by getting highly motivated team members who will dedicate thier time and effort to your company's goals.



Innovative ideas are born when up-to-date thinking meets a fresh point of view.



Our interns are motivated and enthusiastic. You just need to point them in the right direction!


HR Investment

Creating potential future employees.

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No fees. No employer relations.


The program is great. It gives value for both sides as we get fresh, eager, work force and the students gain experience and actual work practices.


Amazing program! I started as an intern at the company myself. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. We get to know the interns through their work and shape them into excellent recruits

AT&T Israel R&D Center

An excellent program! Completely win-win for the intern and the company. Especially now that the world of work is undergoing dramatic changes before our eyes, the combination of theory & practice is crucial. It is our responsibility to enable and benefit from hiring interns.


Your most frequent questions - answered.

How does it work?

All the students are interviewed by us to make sure they are ready and commited to the program. They then rate the companies they would like to intern at. We will send you all their resumes accordingly to allow you two weeks to interview and find your fit. We will then make the match.

Which course is relevant to us?

The course most relevant for companies is the internship course.

What is required of us?

The internship is completely free for the students, you don't have, and should'nt pay them either. Instead, you should appoint a mentor who will guide and give them feedback. We would also like to get your feedback on the interns' work so we can keep the high standard of our program.

When do we start?

We have three terms, respective to three semesters:

  • October through January.
  • March through June.
  • August through September.

How many interns can we have? From which faculty?

You can accept as many students, from as many faculties, as you you'd like - as long as you have enough relevant mentors for them. For new companies we recommend to start with one intern and only after a full semester decide if you'd like to take on more.

Are the interns employed by us? (NDA, Insurance, Payment)

The interns you accept are not legaly imployed by you. You should not pay them or sign a contract. The students are insured by Aloma association*. You can sign an NDA if you need to, though it isn't provided by us. *Chosen by the Higher Education Council to monitor the program.

How long is the internship? On what days and hours?

You get 120 hours of internship. You can spend them the way that best fits you and your interns, for between two to three months (depending on the term). You can't go over the 120 hours limit.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Your Parteners

Our team will guide your interns throughout the courses.

We have built a team of lecturers with work experience in your industry.
They will make sure your interns get the tools and knowledge they need, so you and the students can both make the most out of the internship.

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