Terms and Process

Terms of Companies Participation

  • The student must be given a significant role or a project as part of the internship.
  • The student must be accompanied by a representative of the company who will be a Mentor and Person of Contact for them throughout the course of the internship. The mentor will support and guide the interns in every aspect – work, logistics, etc.
  • Once a month, the student will submit a report with the number of hours worked, for the company to confirm.

Work Process

  • The companies will provide a brief overview of the company itself, as well as its website, along with the abilities and skills that are required for a student to become an intern in the company.
  • The companies will choose their own candidates and, if a company did not find a suitable candidate, will not be obligated to hire an intern.
  • The interns will not be paid.
  • If the company is willing to pay for transportation etc. - please contact the program’s coordinator for further information.


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